Drama teacher training program



About the teacher training program

  • Speech and Drama has become important in the formal curriculum at schools as either an independent subject or a teaching strategy.
  • Pursuing an ATCL Diploma enables the candidate to plan and implement a Speech and Drama curriculum to a group of learners.

Aims of program

  • Enable the candidate to plan and implement a Speech and Drama curriculum for a group of learners.
  • Add value to tutors at studios and teachers at schools.

Learning outcomes
For successful completion of this qualification candidates will be able to:

  1. execute teaching work effectively in the field of Speech and Drama and acting and improvisation in relation to theatre as well.
  2. use a wide range of teaching materials
  3. execute work effectively at an appropriate professional level
  4. demonstrate an awareness of the wider context of the material they are working with, especially in relation to the performing arts and education in general
  5. conduct investigative projects and develop new approaches to present concepts to students
  6. demonstrate command of subject knowledge and the ability to plan work for others to achieve set goals.


Program Details

Prerequisite:     Age 18 or above. Have a good command of English.
Date: 15, 29 Oct / 12, 26 Nov / 3, 17 Dec (2015)

           7, 21 Jan / 4, 18 Feb / 3, 10, 24 Mar / 7, 21 Apr / 5 May (2016)

Time: 730 - 900pm

Venue: Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School (Yue Tin Court, Shatin) 

Learning activities will be arranged including:

(i)      principles and skills of the teaching of drama
(ii)     curriculum design of drama education
(iii)    appluing drama to the teaching of subjects of various kinds
(iv)    observations of drama lessons
(v)     appreciation of plays of various kinds
(vi)    drama production 
(vii)   case study of drama education 
(viii)   teaching practice 
Program Directors:   Dr. Wong Lai Ping (PhD. FTCL)

Tuition Fee:     $19,800 (The fee includes tuition and course materials, but NOT examination fees). 
A 10% early bird discount is offered for applying on or before July 31, 2015
A 25% discount is offered for full time students.

Application:    Fill out the【Application form】and mail it with a cheque
                     Payable to “Hong Kong Teachers Drama Association Ltd”
                     Mailing Address: Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School, Yue Tin Court, Shatin, NT.
                     Attn: Miss Wong Lai Ping

Enquiry:         Feel free to contact us at 9629 7020 (Miss Wong)


Apply for the examination of the ATCL teaching Diploma

Participants of the program may apply the ATCL teaching Diploma examination. The qualification of an ATCL Diploma is comparable to those of other qualifications available at Level 4 in the National Qualifications Framework. It is recognized globally across 50 English speaking countries including England, Wales and North Ireland.