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Dr Lam Ping-yan, JP
Director of Health

According to the statistics researched by UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the number of deaths due to drug in global up to 20 million, and there are phenomenon that youth addictions. The proportion of youth drug abuse is the twice of overall population. Therefore, governments must intensify anti-drug work, so that young people understand the dangers of drugs, and master the necessary skills to resist the lure of drugs; while assisting them to have a meaningful life goals and healthy lifestyle.

Adolescent’s path of growth are full of rocks, they inevitably encounter difficulties setbacks. Some people will actively confront and seek help, but some may addicted to drugs, they thought that taking drugs can forget the sorrow, or believe that occasional drug use is trendy, less addictive. These are the wrong ideas. Drugs will cause great damage to personal health, study, family, and the community. The drug prevent work of Department of Health is focus on how to help students develop healthy habits, positive outlook on life and values​​, life skills and learn practical skills to resist temptation. Enable them to stay away from drugs.

"Theatre in Education for Anti-Drug Healthy Campus” was created by two local schools and a group of student performing as actors. Through student’s participation in performances, and the interact session with the audience, that will be able to guide young viewers to face the problem of drugs taking. Theatre in Education is an approach of combining art and anti-drug message, promoting the "Say No to Drugs" message, and to encourage young people to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, I encourage young people concern more about personal development, replace bad habits with healthy living. I hope the youth, teachers and parents pass the "anti-drug" message actively, so that more students and friends around you will aware of this. Let’s work together in creating the generation of healthy, non-drugs community.

                          Dr Lam Ping-yan,JP
Director of Health










Department of Health - Student Health Service

Adolescent Health Programme

Po Leung Kuk
Hong Kong Teachers Drama Association

Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School
PLK Chong Kee Ting Primary School

Touring Performance

District Date Venue


6 April,2011

The Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre

Hong Kong

14 April,2011  

Youth Square - Y-Theatre

New Territories West

19 April,2011

Tsuen Wan Town Hall - Auditorium

New Territories East

20 April,2011 North District Town Hall - Auditorium