Annual Performance 2013

The annual performance is aim at enhance teachers knowledge of theatre, and give training to them, improve the script writing, directing and acting skill. We invited professionals to guide the teachers in their performance.
Here are the details of performance:

Date: 18thJuly,2013 (Thu)
Venue: North District Town Hall Auditorium
Time: 3:00pm and 8:00pm
Ticket fee: HKD 80 (Student HKD 60)
Enquire: 97801760 (Mr. Tsin)

Play (1) Daughter enters University

Script Writer:
Johnny Shu
Director: Johnny Shu

Synopsis: Having a good career is the most important thing of our life, and studies is the base of success. In one family, the father and mother are planing for the future of their daughter...

Play (2) The Merchant of Venice

Script writer: William Shakespeare
Director: Tsin Tak Shun
Synopsis: Antonio as a friend of Bassani, asked Shylock borrowed three thousand dollars. If he can not be return the money before the deadline, Shylock can deprive Anthony a pound of his chest flesh. Unexpectedly, Anthony was overdue, Shylock ask him to fulfill his contract......

Play (3) Unbreakable City

Scipt writer: 
Lady Ho Tung Hall, The University of Hong Kong
Director: Tsin Tak Shun
Synopsis: Yi was discriminated by the others beacuse she is a homosexual. She meet Alison one day, Alison take her to a place call 'Unbreakable city', That is a place totally opposite with the normal world......

Audition 2013

For interested parties, please fill in reply slip and fax or email it to HKTDA. Places are limited.

Date of Audition:    19th April, 2013 (Friday)
Location:               Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School, Yue Tin Court, Sha Tin
Time:                    7:30-9:00pm
Contact:                Miss Hung 6278 4116 

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