Teachers from different schools took various positions on front and backstage in HKTDA’s Annual Performance 2012.Through the production of three  comedies the participants experiencedevery aspect of a drama performance. Here are the details of the performance:

Date:       19th July 2012 (Thursday)
Time:       3:00pm    & 8:00pm
Location:    Cultural Activities Hall, Sha Tin Town Hall
Ticket fee:  HKD 70 (Student HKD50)
Enquire:     68594607

(1)An Unusual Christmas Eve
(2)Goodbye Girl’s Love

Play(1) An Unusual Christmas Eve

A frustrated middle-aged man, a pair of young lovers, a sorrowful mother----These four people meet at Christmas Eve, and experienced an unusual night.

Playwright/Director: Johnny Shu
Cast: Shek Hiu Tung (Mother)
           Kwan Bik Ling (Reporter)
           Lui Mei Yee (Suicide) 
           Ng Sum Wing (Negotiation experts) 
           Cheung Po Man (Girlfriend) 
           Lo Man Kin (Boyfriend)

Play(2) Goodbye Girls Love

In a Girl Secondary School, people guess student Sam and Jenny are homosexual lover, Principal ask Counseling teacher to deal with this case, also, Miss Chou, the social worker involve in this case too. However, they find out the one in love with Sam is not Jenny, but the daughter of Miss Chow, Carmen…

Playwright: Tsin Tak Shun
Director: Tsin Tak Shun, Cheng Pui Ka
Cast: Cheung Kit Ling (Principal)
           Tsang Lai Yuen (Mrs Chow)
           Chan Han Ying (Janitors)
           Ho Miu Yin (Social Worker)
           Yu Wai Kwan (Counseling teacher)

Play(3) Heart

A nurse who have a great pressure of work want to help a patient who was a nurse previous years. Ultimately, the patient help the nurse…

Playwright/Director: Tsin Tak Shun
Cast: Wong Lai Ping (Nurse)
          Suen Kwan Ying (Patient)