Module of Drama Workshop in Chinese Language of New Senior Secondary Curriculum

In recent years, our association has been enthusiastic in facilitating the integration of drama with Chinese language classrooms in a significant number of secondary schools. We provide services which include writing the teaching materials, assignments, assessments, and teacher’s handbook. The drama courses last for 10 or above double-lessons. Our instructors also work with teachers to prepare for lessons and lesson and co-teach in classrooms.

Programme code: 


Programme name: 

NSS“Learning Chinese Through Drama”Module

Learning objectives: 


Students learn about drama art, including create, perform and appreciation.


Improve students’ speaking and generic skills.




The programme consists of 4 units – Drama Theories and Play-reading, Re-writing play, Original play and Oral communication.


Using drama elements to write a scene with 5-10 minutes dialogues related to daily life.



Senior secondary school students

Lesson duration: 

minimum 10 lessons, each lesson 60-80 minutes

Teaching Material: 

Drama Education (Unit 2) by HKTDA


This is an EDB-funded programme in 2007-08, and is implemented in a number of junior secondary classes.