Junior primary school drama programme

In recent years, our association has been enthusiastic in facilitating the integration of drama with curriculum in a significant number of primary schools. In a majority of the participating schools, drama is included in the regular curriculum and on their regular time-table. We have also designed the curriculum for the participating schools, which includes writing the teaching materials, assignments, assessments, and teacher’s handbook. Each drama class lasts for two teaching session each week, which combine to take approximately 70 to 80 minutes. Our instructors also work with teachers to prepare for lessons and lesson and co-teach in classrooms.

Programme code: 


Programme name: 

Junior primary school drama programme - Parable

Learning Objectives: 


Students learn about drama as an art form.


Students learn about parable.



1.  Drama knowledge, mainly speaking ability and body movement.

2.  Multi-dimensional theatre activities, including role-playing, creating story and movement exercise.


Junior primary school students

Lesson duration: 

minimum 10 lessons, each lesson 60-80 minutes

Teaching materials: 

“Drama education: the Fables” published by HKTDA