World Conference of Drama Education in Chinese Communities 2009


Date: 19 – 21 Dec, 2009

Venue: The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts

Organizer: Hong Kong Drama/Theatre and Education Forum, The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts

Co-organizer: HKTDA

Background: A respond to the urgent needs of drama education in Hong Kong

Being a conference which invites experienced personnel of drama from different Chinese communities, “World conference of drama and education in Chinese Communities,2009” aims at providing educators and  the welfare sector with training opportunities. Co-workers could gain a better understanding of the application of drama in teaching and social services. They could also learn from others’ experience and tested and enriched materials.

Activities organized by HKTDA

Research report

Drama education in Hong Kong Schools: research and evaluation of outcomes

The research report “Drama education in Hong Kong Schools: research and evaluation of outcomes” was funded by Hong Kong Arts Development Council and was commissioned by was commissioned by Hong Kong Drama/Theatre and Education Forum and the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. The research aimed at investigating the efficiency of the implementation of drama education in local schools during the year of 2003 -2009. It also aimed at providing concrete suggestion for future development.

Date: 19th Dec, 2009 (Sat)

Time: 3:00-4:30 pm


Principal Investigator

Dr. Hui Ming Fai, (Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction , HKIED)  


Mr. Tsin Tak Shun (Chairperson, Hong Kong Drama/Theatre and Education Forum)

Dr. Jack Shu (Lecturer, School of Education and Languages, HK Open University)

Dr. Ng Tsui Shan (Lecturer , Department of Curriculum and Instruction , HKIED),

Ms. Wong Lai Ping (Chairperson, HKTDA)

Ms. Chan Yuk Nan (HK arts centre, Lecturer in Drama and Coordinator of Master Courses)

Dessimination of coutcomes of drama education in primary and secondary schools

During the year of 2001 – 2008, the Education Bureau has launched a series of seeding project concerning the drama education. The project initiated pilot drama courses in a substantial number of local primary and secondary schools. Artist-educators were appointed to assist teachers in designing curriculum, teaching, assessment, and final writing of proposed teaching plans. The artist-educators provided teachers with supports and valuable suggestions, aiming at training teachers to become drama education teachers.

Teachers will lead students who have experience in drama performance and debrief their experience of planning.Participanting students will share with participants the joy the drama course brought them and its influence on their personal growth.

Date: 20th Dec, 2009

Times: 3:00-6:30 pm

Performing Schools: Shek Lei Catholic Primary School, Chinese Methodist School North Point, P.M., Elegantia College (cosponsored by Education Convergence)

Promotion of the Module of Learning English Through Drama

in English Language Education of the New Senior Sensondary Curriculum

Recent years observes a surge of interests in adopting drama pedagogy to teach languages in local schools. Still, drama education is new to many teachers. In order to cope with the education reform, teachers need to increase teachers’ knowledge of drama education and the school authorities should provide the teachers with sufficient training. Corresponding to this need, thispress release was provided an opportunity to help teachers realize the effect of drama on improving the effectiveness of language teaching. Through the same event the teachers could also gain a better understanding of teaching strategies, the content of assessment, and enjoyed an improvement of teaching quality and professionalism.