Annual Performance 2011

Three comedies are presented by teachers from different schools in Hong Kong.

Date:              16th July 2011 (Saturday)

Time:              3:00pm    & 8:00pm
Location:       Cultural Activities Hall, Tsuen Wan Town Hall.
Ticket fee:      HKD 40


1. Under the Starry Sky                Playwright / Director: Johnny Siu
2. The Convertion of Bad Kin       Playwright: Cheung MY   Adapter / Director: Tsin TS
3. What a Bee!                       Playwright: Ding Xilin       Adapter: Tsin Tak Shun     Director: Cheng Pui Ka


Play 1: The Convertion of Bad Kin  (Acknowlegement to MEM)


Bad Kin, the bully, was taught a lesson by Master Wong. Kin refused to comply and held Auntie 13 hostage. Auntie 13, who is the lover of Aaster Wong, was such a compassionate person that bad kid was deeply touched by her personality. Unfortunately, Master Wong was so angry with what Bad Kin did that he didn’t know the convertion of Kin and …

Playwright:             Kenneth  Cheung (Drama Artist)

Adapter/Director :   Tsin Tak Shun  (Drama teacher of Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School)

Cast:                       Cheung Wing Nagi (St Stephen’s Church College)       Bad Kin

Wong Wai Tung (Tai Po Old Market Public Sch)     Master Wong

Lee Chun Man  (St Stephen’s Church College)       Auntie

Chan Chi Hang (St Stephen’s Church College) So

Lung Wai Kit (HK Baptist Convention Prim Sch)     Old Mother

Tse Chi Chuen (St Stephen’s Church College)   Snake keeper


Play 2: What a Bee


Mrs. Gut has been famous for her being conservative and traditional. She not only interfered with her son’s marriage but also tried to make her nephew marry Ms. Yu. However, she would never imagine that Ms. Yu was so in love with her son. One day she caught her son and Ms. Yu kissing each other and the young couple shouted “Oh! There is a bee!”,  trying to trick Mrs. Gut.

Playwright:     Ding Xilin (Modern master of one-act comedy)

Adapter:         Tsin Tak Shun  (Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School)

Director:         Cheng Pui Ka (Drama teacher of HKTDA)

Cast :      Shum Chi Kin (GCCITKD Cheong Wong Wai Primary School)  Mr. Gut

Wong Lai Ping (Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School)         Ms. Yu

Tsang Lai Wun (Lutheran School for the Deaf)                     Ms. Gut

Leung Hoi Shan (CCC Kei Yuen College)                            Servant


Play 3:   Under the Starry Sky


Two teachers from different schools and a student who was just scolded by his teacher met one another conincidentally one night. Talk chatted about everything and began to engage in a serious conversation which discussed the meaning of life.  It is probably true that real personality would reveal itself only under the stars.

Playwright/Director :  Johnny Shu (HKTDA Vice-chairman)

Cast : Chan Ka Tak (HKCKLA Buddhist Ching Kok Sec School)   Student / Liu Tak Fai

Chan Hiu Ming (POH 80th Anniversary Tang Ying Hei College)      Teacher

Leung Tsun Yi (Carmel Pak U Secondary School)                    Leung Tsun Yi

Wu Chui Ha (Toi San Accociation College)                               Wu Chui Ha

Lui Mei Yu (Tack Ching Girl’s Secondary School)           Teacher

Hui Wing Ki (Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School)                        Young Leung Tsun Yi


Audition 2011

The Aunnual Performance is organized on a yearly basis to increase participating teachers’ knowledge of drama production. The performance is supervised by professional instructors participating teachers are in charge of both front stage and backstage. This year, on 16th July, the performance, which comprises 3 short comedies, will be staged at Tsuen Wan Town Hall.The details of the 3 comedies and the time for casting are as follows. For interested parties, please fill in reply slip and fax or email it to HKTDA. Places are limited.

Date of Audition: 25th March 2011 (Friday)

Location:         Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School, Yue Tin Court, Sha Tin
Time:                       7:30-9:00pm
Contact:                   Stella  6859 4607