To Conglomerate Powerful Strengths Popularize Arts Education

Advisor Mr. Ho Hon Fai

Founding Principal, Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School

In the last 16 years, I am honored to witness the development of HKTDA. From an organization which focused on promoting drama as an extra-curriculum activities in local schools HKTDA moves ahead and expands its service to assist in developing drama as a regular curriculum and initiate interdisciplinary collaboration with people from different fields. The executive committee of HKTDA has always upholds their dream to optimize the learning environment of drama education. And I am deeply touched by how the committee energetically devotes itself to local drama education with passion. Their efforts have served so many and Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School, the school where I served as the principal, was one of beneficiaries. I will never forget the vivid memory of writing and designing teaching materials for drama courses with Mr. Chin and Ms. Wong and many others schools. 

HKTDA has always upheld their founding principles and devotes to drama education with no reservation.  In recent years, they brought “creative teaching strategies” into classrooms and carried out “happy teaching”, a primary objective of the education reform in Hong Kong. Their efforts have broadened the horizons of the teachers who receive traditional teacher training. They have also provided educators with valuable teaching experience as feedbacks. Their selflessness is truly impressive. Besides, HKTDA tries to integrate drama pedagogy with moral education. The plays which are written under the theme of fighting drug abuse are widely received by Department of Health and the Education Bureau. These plays have become so effective a mode of propaganda and I believe that education theatre will continue to unleash its potentials.

Today, the Annual Performance organized in every July has become one of my biggest enjoyments. The participating teachers from different schools are longer newbies to drama but skilled artists who could perform in acts which are totally their own productions. This transformation could not have happened if without the comprehensive training provided by HKTDA. Different components of the front and back stage, and the participating students, who are well trained, could not be integrated if without persistent efforts. To me all the participants would continue to remain as the crucial components of the art education in Hong Kong. I sincerely believe that these enthusiastic teachers would be more than capable to unite powerful forces and facilitate the development of drama education in Hong Kong.

Effective Training for Teachers

Dr Ho, Shun Yee

The Assistant Professor of the Division of Chinese Language & Literature from the Faculty of Education of Hong Kong University

Since my serving as an advisor at HKTDA, it has always been my great pleasure to witness how the members in this association promote drama education with a professional and industrious manner. They have organized seminars and workshops to promote drama activities of different kinds in primary and secondary schools.  They have also taken up the responsibilities as teacher trainers and assisted a significant number of schools to carry out regular drama courses. All these combine to help local teachers to understand how drama act could contribute to the development of multi-intelligence in students.

HKTDA provides colleagues with opportunities to effectively share and develop ideas and means to pursue drama education. This year, they worked with HKIED to promote “creative teaching strategies” to schools and bring the creativity of arts into classrooms. This effort has succeeded in improving learning atmosphere and enhancing the creativity and learning effectiveness. In addition to this, they also popularize education theatre, and are invited by the Shatin district council, PoLeungKuk, Department of Healthy, and the Education Bureau to perform in different districts in Hong Kong. Their education theatre has visited every corner in Hong Kong and was highly acclaimed for its excellence.

In order to increase teachers’ knowledge about drama performance, HKTDA adheres to its tradition in organizing the Annual performance despite the tight schedule. The performance allows more teachers to experience how it is like to be on stage and would eventually facilitate the development of drama art in schools. I am deeply touched by how the whole company of participanting teachers havedevoted to this event. I am sure that this persistence will guarantee the blossom of drama education in Hong Kong!