Annual Performance

    Provide the Opportunities for teachers to Experience Drama

    The Annual Perfomance organized by HKTDA bears the mission to provide participating teachers with experience in drama and performance in a systematic manner through an integral drama production which comprises all necessary components. For ordinary extra-curricular activities in local schools, it is a common practice that students perform on stage while teacher serve merely as an organizer and remain backstage. Such a unitary model has failed to instill teachers with the knowledge of performing arts. This model would also be incapable to equip teachers with sufficient knowledge to provide students with effective instructions to perfect their performance. The Annual Performance is thus organized to raise the motivation among teachers as well as to promote drama education. Participants receive drama education and training on performance in a systematic manner and have a taste of every component that could be found in a drama, such as casting, rehersal, etc. This comprehensive approach improves teachers’ understanding of every step of a production and allows teachers to learn from every aspect of promoting drama art. In fact, a majority of local educators in drama found their unbreakable interconnection with drama through their participation in Annual Performance.

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