Constitution And Objectives

The four dimensions of development of HKTDA

On the tide of education reform in Hong Kong, HKTDA works along with member schools and education consultants to develop drama education in 4 directions:

1.          Teacher training and support

2.          Provide communication channels for drama teachers

3.          Reinforce local educators’ attention of school drama activities

4.          Researches


HKTDA’s strategic plan to promote drama education

HKTDA has been enthusiastic in implementing the development of the four dimensions mentioned above. We have carried out various projects different kinds of drama education projects with more than one thousand teachers from a hundred of local schools. We have also helped many schools to implement drama in their regular curriculum. Since the year of 2000, HKTDA has initiated and executed a great number of projects concerening drama-related courses. These projects include providing drama teacher training, designing the courses of national education, and  moral and civic education, and researching and planning the  new senior secondary curriculum, etc. HKTDA is honored to have received recognition from the public for the many successful events which assist in broadening the horizon of education in Hong Kong.